Rx 15 Check In Regularly on the Spectrum of Wellbeing

By Dr. S.D. Shanti

At first glance, daily hassles might not look like a big issue. Maybe you are even brushing them off, especially in light of the COVID-19-related suffering and deaths. However, when small stressors pile up they can exert a significant burden on your psyche.

Checking in regularly on the Spectrum of Wellbeing will enable you to keep track of your emotional health. This way you can take constructive action before the stressors become too much to bear.

If you find yourself on the left side of the spectrum, chances are that you might benefit from prescriptions such as the daily practice of brushing your mind. Doing so will help maintain your emotions in the zone of wellbeing.

If you find yourself in the middle of the spectrum for too long, or if you feel yourself sliding to the right side of the spectrum, please seek help from a mental health professional. If you do not have someone you can turn to, please do a Google search under the term “crisis line” in combination with your postal code. Your physician or other primary health care provider can also be of help in such situations.

The PDF below is excerpted from my book, The Time-Starved Woman’s Guide to Emotional Wellbeing. In this section you will find insights about taking charge of what you can control, even when much of life is out of control, as it is now. Next week, I will share more tools from the first chapter. Please note: The information is applicable to everyone, not only women.

© Dr. S.D. Shanti, 2020


This blog has been a long time in the making…and now the online debut coincides with difficult times for all of us. We are in a situation that we could not have envisioned, and that is making us stressed at best and at worst fueling panic and despair.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there are many things one can do while in the tunnel to make life easier to bear. We can learn new coping skills and practice existing ones. We can be mindful of avoiding harmful ways of coping, be they unhealthy eating, smoking, alcohol or other methods.

Soon I will be offering live webinars and call-ins so that we can connect and shore up our resources and remember to stay focused on what is most important in the face of all that is urgent.

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SD Shanti