Make Hope Contagious

Please join us in spreading hope locally and globally.

Please join me in growing a large-scale coordinated public health response for supporting emotional coping to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and other countries.

We have the materials that people need, now we need your assistance in getting them to those in need. 

The goal of all this is to inform and equip people, so they can boost their coping skills and reduce the risk of unhealthy coping responses and maintain quality of life.

Offering tools to people and engaging them in a web of human connection and caring is an important way to reduce stress and risk of violence, and improve quality of life. 

Four Ways You Can Help:

We need your help with getting helpful prescriptions for hope out to larger numbers of people, and we need your help with growing this endeavor. For more information please click here.

Urgent Action to Address Huge Psychological Fallout

In the midst of this pandemic there is huge psychological fallout around the world.

Many people need support and information so they can help themselves more effectively manage the stress and negative emotions associated with this pandemic.

Millions of people are at risk for significant emotional distress, unhealthy coping with alcohol and other substances, and the increase in violence.

Streamlining Key Messages and Making Helpful Information Useable by Large Numbers of People

Each day I receive desperate messages from people in lockdown in other countries and others who are trapped overseas and unable to return home. I have heard from professional colleagues in the United States who tell me how challenging this is for them to cope with.

Additionally, people are being flooded with self-help information right now. But, it is often in a form they have difficulty processing, especially when stressed and attention spans are limited and it is difficult to know how trustworthy those sources are.

Solutions: Tools to Empower People and Promote Health and Hope

This requires a swift and comprehensive public health response, and that’s what I have created.

I am an experienced health communicator and specialize in making psychological science and public health understandable to people from all backgrounds, regardless of education-level.

The work I produce with my team is peer-reviewed, meaning, that other professionals and experts review and critique the materials before they’re released, so they are as accurate, reliable, and as helpful as possible.

We have already begun to make practical and easily accessible “tools” in the form of helpful information delivered in easy to understand digestible bites that you can immediately apply in your life…and are continuing to add even more everyday.

Thank and I look forward to hearing from you.


SD Shanti, DDS, MPH, PhD

For More Information About Me

You can find a formal summary of my professional life on LinkedIn.

For details about my Prescriptions for Hope, the methods behind them, and to see what people, including two of the world’s most renowned psychologists say about my work, please click here.