Rx 33 Viewing Our Actions Through the Lens of Love

Dr. SD Shanti

When we harm someone, be it in big ways or small, we are not only harming the other person, we are also indirectly harming ourselves. 

The harm may not be immediately apparent. But such actions diminish our personhood and gradually erode our character. As a result we risk losing the best part of ourselves – that which makes us human with our rich capacity to feel, empathize, care for others and support them. 

When we view our actions through the lens of love and ask ourselves “Do my words or actions help the other person; are they beneficial in some way or detrimental? ” we are more likely to stay on course. This is love in practice. This is love in action. 

It’s that simple and it’s something we can teach children in kindergarten. It’s also something that can be taught to leaders of organizations and even leaders of nations.